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about me

2015 Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.) »Adult education/lifelong learning«
2012-2015 Master-Studies »Adult education/lifelong learning« [Humboldt Universität Berlin]
2011 Degree: Bachelor of Engineering [B. Eng.] »Print- and Mediatechnology«
2008-2011 Studies of »Print- and Mediatechnology« / Beuth-Hochschule für Technik Berlin
2002-2008 Freelance graphic designer and instructor/ Berlin
1995-2001 Work in a print-collective in Göttingen / Typesetting, conventional film-montage, reprographic technique, post-print-production, workflow-organization and instructor for media-design [media-design/media-technology]
1996 Further education to an IHK-instructor for media-design
1994-1995 Work as typesetter in a newspaper / typesetting, page make-up and final production
1991-1993 Apprenticeship as typesetter [media-design]
1990 Assistant as proofer/film-making
1986 Contacts to the world of print by realizing a pupil’s magazine